An Epitaph And The Soldier English Subjective Question 2024 Class 12th | Bihar Board 12th An Epitaph And The Soldier Subjective

Class 12th An Epitaph And The Soldier English Subjective 2024 :-  यदि आप इस बार Class 12 English Subjective Question 2024 की तैयारी कर रहे हैं तो यहां पर आपको English 100 Marks Ka VVI Subjective Question 2024 दिया गया है जो आपके An Epitaph And The Soldier से लिया गया है जो आने वाले Bihar Board Class 12th English 100 Marks के लिए काफी महत्वपूर्ण है | Intermediate Exam 2024 English

1. What will happen when the poet dies?

Answer ⇒  The memory of the beautiful lady of the western country is alive in the heart of the poet. When he dies, nobody will ever think of her.

2. Write a note on the philosophical meaning of the poem.

Answer ⇒ The poet thinks that beauty is short-lived. It must perish. People build memorials, or write epitaphs on the graves of their dear ones. But these epitaphs are significant only to those who remember their near and dear ones. When they are dead, the epitaphs will have to meaning. Nobody would even care to read them, much less to shed a tear in the memory of the dead person.

3. ‘An Epitaph’, what does the poet think about ‘beauty’?

Answer ⇒ The poet think about the beauty that it is short lived and will disappear one day or other.

Class 12 English Subjective Question 2024


1. How can ‘some corner of a foreign field’ be ‘for ever England’?

Answer ⇒  The poet says that his body is rich dust of England. He was born and bred in England. So wherever his body is buried, it will be England for ever.

2. What is meant by the phrase ‘A pulse in the eternal mind’?

Answer ⇒  A pulse in the eternal mind’ here means the poet’s heart that will ever be beating for England.

3. Do you think that the title of the poem is appropriate? Give reasons.

Answer ⇒  I don’t think the title ‘soldier’ is appropriate. The poet does not say anything connected with a soldier’s life, or about a battle. I think ‘patriot’ could have been a more appropriate title.

An Epitaph And The Soldier English Important Subjective 2024

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