BSEB Class 12th English Chapter 3 Subjective Question 2024 | Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast vvi Subjective Question 2024

BSEB Class 12th English Subjective Question 2024 :- यदि आप इस बार Class 12th English Subjective Question 2024 की तैयारी कर रहे हैं तो यहां पर आपको Inter Exam 2024 English Ka Subjective Question 2024 दिया गया है जो आपके Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast से लिया गया है जो आने वाले Bihar Board 12th English 100 Marks के लिए काफी महत्वपूर्ण है | Intermediate Exam 2024 English

1. What does the poet mean when he says “Now the leaves are falling fast”?

Answer The leaves are symbolic of old people. As leaves fall fast in winter, so are the people dying in their old age.

2. Who are the travellers’ and how will they be ‘blessed’?

Answer  The aged are the travellers. They will be blessed by the white cold waterfall of the mountain head. That is death.

3. Who are the ‘whispering neighbours’?

Answer   The agents of death are the whispering agents. In old age people always obsessed by thoughts of death.

4. How does human life become miserable?

Answer   Humans grow old. In old age they become inactive and weak. They are cut off from society. They are lonely and miserable.

5. In what way will the travellers be blessed?

Answer   The white waterfall or the cold hand of death will bless them. It rescues them from their miseries.

6. Who are the ‘trolls’ in the real world?

Answer   Anxiety and frustration are the trolls in the real world. They move about all over keeping people sleepless at night. People have no peace. Everyone feels helpless, lonely and isolaled. There is no relief or protection from them.

BSEB Class 12th English Now the leaves are falling fast Subjective 2024

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